MAX PUMP+ NEW Innovative Here:
Subversive of weight, MAX PUMP+ is powerful listing.
Flextailgear Technology: Professional equipment technology of outdoor.
Focusing on the innovation of outdoor equipment since we started in 2005.
We design ALL-NEW, impressive pro ducts only.
MAX PUMP+ is the new generation of, the most popular lightweight outdoor
equipment on IGG,MAX PUMP.

It also lists for 2 months on the Home Recommended of Indiegogo, the biggest funding
website in the U.S., ranking first among all the projects of China.

More than one-year efforts our R & D team had made,
to give you MAX PUMP+, with the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed.
Ultralight,since and ever
Abide by the lightweight design,MAX PUMP+ have only 150g weight with only
one-fifth of usual products in the market smaller than a can of coke.
Easy-carry and use
Touch the switch one second to start.
Cordless using,say goodbye to the complicated charging connection mass.
Less combine more,truly pocket pump ever.
Powerful pressure with strong wind
Tiny size body produce 2000PA high-pressure and 100L/min flow rate,
120% performance compare to the last generation, by optimizing our proprietary
technology of the blower fans’ structure.

The vast majority of your inflatable products’ needs can be satisfied with only one MAX PUMP+.
High-quality & Perfect water and dust resistance
Thermal Ultrasonic Bonding Method on Mm level are utilized to hence the overall sealing.
IP4 waterproof level been improved to protect any splash of drops.
Instantly Exhaust, space maker
Also, the MAX PUMP+ can exhaustion besides inflation.
Vacuum your storage bag can save at least 30% space. Saving space and time by using MAX PUMP+ no matter in outdoor or housing.
Maximum Power Efficiency, large capacity and longer lasts
MAX PUMP+ have custom battery design inside that can adapt to
Once fully charged supplying 50 swimming rings/ 10 big air beds inflated or 20
Vacuum store pouches exhausted.

The battery passed the most stringent KC test for more than 500 times
of repeatedly charging electricity and 20,000,000 safety insurance to protect you
each time wherever you travel.
Real quality materials lead to real resistant durables
ABS engineering plastics + Rigorous dynamics structure + Ultrasonic
sintering technique = sturdy & durable

It is water/ dust/ extrude/ wear resistance, even under the environment of -30°.
It had passed thousands of times’ tests for confirming its performance including
dropping it 2 meters above the ground and keeping in good condition.
Multi-nozzles adapt to your colorful life.
Three sizes of nozzles offered can perfectly adapt to swimming ring / floating bed /
pneumatic boat / outdoor air mattress / vehicle air bed and other inflatable toys……
A beautiful surface with colorful choices
Handy and lovely figure with NEW-innovative design covered by abrasive surface.
Brilliant color,vibrant orange/space grey/pure white for brilliant generation of young customers.