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HELIO — Pocket camping lamp
The best sale of 2017 on kickstarter: the smallest and lightest walk camping lamp.
Break the limit of volume.Get rid of heavy weight
HELIO has 5cm tiny size and 45g weight, only one third of traditional camping lamp,
which just equal to an egg.You can have the best experience of
lighting with the minimum burden.
Small size but amazing power
As a camping lamp,HELIO as powerful as the ordinary which can reach up to 200LM light
bright 20 meters’ scope and even only half volume of the ordinary one.Stable light
source enough for over 6 people at the same time easily.
Longer bright time beyond your imagination.
HELIO features high-quality LED and MircoUSB charger port with lithium battery.
HELIO elevates the efficiency of camping lamp by 30%.

Once fully charged can bright for
8 hours uninterruptedly.HELIO makes your every spur of the moment adventure coming true.
Dual power supply mode of HELIO accompanying
as long as you want.
HELIO break out and offer the dual power supply mode for the first time among
the camping lamp area. It figures both directly power supplying by USB and the lithium
battery to reduce invalid voltage conversion losses.

On your way with no electricity,You can enjoy your high-light over 45 hours only
taking a power bank, (10 thousand milliamperes) with HELIO.
Perfect performance on water resistance
Our R&D team had fully considered every possible situation above our 16 years’ outdoor
experience to improving its watertight though more than 140 times of elevating and tests.

HELIO can up to IP4 level of waterproof including the rubber seal ring
inside for the Internal water resistance.
Real quality materials lead to real resistant durables
Made by ABS engineering plastics with ultrasonic sintering technique
HELIO can provide you a promise of sturdy and durable.

HELIO had passed thousands of times’ tests of intensity and durability
to becoming a perfect one now.
Brightness be with you every step exploring
The mission of camping lamp is to provide light for ensuring activities and operations
inside the camp or on the campsite range.

HELIO offers 3 different levels of brightness, high/medium/low, for selecting to
adapt to multiple scenes. HELIO is still figured SOS signal light mode
Blinking for emergency to help you get help.
Considerate design for convenient daily life
Strong magnetic in the top of HELIO’s back for absorbing on any surface contained iron,
besides a 302 stainless steel carabiner matched with.

No matter fill-in light whiletaking selfies or repairing automotive engine,
HELIO can hanging everywhere by /magnetic free your hands with light and
helping get thing done in dim environment.
Brightness technology brighter life
Simple but elegant design, fresh and natural colors, soft abrasive surface achieve
the aesthetic and applied HELIO.

Vibrant orange/ enamel blue /pure white display the unique style of dynamic and succinct.